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Foot Massager - Silver

Image of Foot Massager - Silver


Massaging pad from KHT.

Aluminum protrusion helps the body temperature keep warm and has an ionic property of activating the cells and nerves while gold plated protrusions makes the bodies bio-electricity activating much greater.
When you walk in place or run for your foot exercise, it may cause some pain due to strong pressure of the aluminum protrusion. In this case, you can cover the foot massager with a towel to lessen strong pressure. Then, you can feel less pain and feel instant relief to tired aching feet by stimulating the sole of your feet and give a fantastic energetic cooling effect to the feet and body.

Therefore, it is essential to walk in place or run on KHT Foot Massager for about 30 to 60 minutes or so every day. This KHT Foot Massager can be used with or without socks or the towel for the beginners.